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The Royal Hotel Green Policy

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce waste and improve our energy efficiency. Below you will find information about our green policy and how we strive to improve our green credentials.

Our Chemical-Free Cleaning Policy

We believe that we are the first hotel in Llandudno to implement a chemical-free cleaning regime.
We employ the award-winning ENJO detergent-free fibre technology system. Cleaning with ENJO is 6.5 times more effective than cleaning with traditional chemically based cleaning products (tested and certified by the Austrian government).
In addition, this system has no plastic bottles, no packaging, no hot water and no fumes.  We believe that introducing ENJO protects the health of our staff, saves them time and ensures that our guests enjoy a high level of cleanliness without compromise – you know that you are not exposed to toxic chemicals whilst staying with us. This is particularly beneficial for guests suffering from allergies to chemicals and sprays.

Other on-going green practices include:

  • Through careful management of metal, paper and glass recycling we have reduced our collected waste by 50%
  • We reuse or recycle the majority of our office paper
  • We focus on reducing food and kitchen waste wherever possible; dinner guests are asked to choose their evening’s main course at check-in. This has helped us to manage food ordering more effectively and greatly reduced food waste
  • We reuse and repair rather then throw away where we can
  • We use energy- saving light bulbs throughout the hotel
  • We recycle printer cartridges
  • We utilise energies and water sparingly
  • We reuse or recycle the vast majority of our incoming packaging materials
  • We work with our catering suppliers to buy locally where possible in order to reduce our food miles. For example; we have redesigned our breakfast menu to ensure that the main ingredients are produced within 5 miles of the hotel.
  • Where possible we choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are local to us to reduce delivery miles